Technical Information: Autotorch 2300
Gas supply for Autotorch 2300
For use at high pressure (0.35-2bar).

Any standard propane or butane cylinder (Gaz cylinders using adpator No. 1070).

Any of the Tinyregs or Bijou regulators. The No.1051/11 variable Tinyreg for propane is recommended to give the best results from this torch.

4.8mm high pressure hose to BS.3212/2 (no.1299) only must be used, with suitable hose clips. The Handle 2300 and the Tinyreg 1051/11 require Hose connectors 1021 to fit to the hose.

The hose assembly 1441 is ideal for connecting the Handle 2300 to a Variable Tinyreg 1051/11 - hose connectors included.

Flashback arrestors are not needed for these torches (download letter from HSE for verification).